Why we love it

Technology and art flow together in this map to illustrate the influence of a volcano on Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands. With stunning visual impact, the map reveals both major structures and fine details that would otherwise be lost under a blanket of vegetation. We love how this map serves as a kind of 3D sonogram for the growing earth with colors and shading to show historic and hidden lava flows.

Why it works

New technology calls for new visualization methods such as this Red Relief Image Map (RRIM) technique. Here, we see high-resolution 3D topographic data, made available by modern LiDAR systems, combined with multiple data layers to simultaneously show topographic slope, concavities, and convexities. The detail is so engaging, it leaves you to wonder why more maps of volcanoes, fault zones, landslides, and slope failures aren’t done this way. 

Important steps


Tips and tricks

Portion of Red Relief map image

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