Why we love it

Since 2011, the world’s refugee population has increased by 45%. This story map examines the causes of forcible displacement and how it affects millions of people across geographies. We love how this map treats an inherently sobering topic with clarity and composure. The Uprooted tells a deeply human story, on global and local scales, in a way that is informative and evocative. Yet, it does not resort to bombastic or sensationalistic language and graphics.

Why it works

The linear, scroll-driven layout of this story map works to deconstruct a highly complex issue into manageable chapters. We are drawn into a richly immersive experience by a combination of maps, photos, videos, charts, and text. A consistent color palette brings all of the visual elements into harmony. The judicious use of bright colors evokes a sense of solemnity and gravity—emotions that are central to this narrative. Learn more about the cartography used in 'The Uprooted.'

The Cartography of ‘The Uprooted’

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