Why we love it

This modern map uses classic cartographic techniques to emulate a hand-drawn historical survey plan. A familiar aesthetic makes the map immediately accessible and appealing. Though it looks dated, the map is made with current data and tools. We love how artistically the mapmaker employs symbol effects to create a balanced, approachable map that evokes the reality of the place. You get a sense of the city layout—its central business district, parks, residential areas, and thoroughfares. Engaging cartographic symbology allows the map to stand on its own with no need for a legend. 

Why it works

This map is effective because it doesn't try to do too much. Its beauty comes from detailed geographic data and subtle styling. The patterns of the city’s streets and buildings speak for themselves. Parks are filled with a variety of trees in profile. Note the drop shadowed roads, the water rings on the lake, and mellow highlighting of the central business district. Hatching and darker shading support the historical town style. A vignette surrounding the whole map implies that there are additional city outskirts, but the map doesn't compromise scale to try to show it all. 

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Warren Davison, map author

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