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Define how your organization will support its mission with a geospatial strategy

two gis professionals look at a tablet at a heat map

Aligning GIS with business objectives

GIS is a powerful tool that can enhance and streamline processes, improve decision-making, and ultimately drive the success of the business. A successful GIS program places priority and focus on the business and its mission. Aligning GIS resources, such as people, processes, and technology, to support the organization’s goals, vision, and priorities is crucial to growing and maintaining a GIS program.

a gis map and dashboard that enhances business decisions

Key considerations


A geospatial strategy supports business goals

Start by building a team that includes a GIS champion who evangelizes GIS, an executive sponsor with the authority to make it happen, and technical leaders to support future-state capabilities. Then define and enact your geospatial strategy through four phases of development.


Consult with a GIS expert