Racial Equity and Social Justice Champions in GIS

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Learn how GIS is advancing equity and inclusion

Explore the inspiring work and stories of the leaders who are advancing racial equity, social justice, and sustainable, inclusive development with GIS.

KeAndra Cylear Dodds | LA Metro

KeAndra Cylear Dodds, executive officer for the Office of Equity and Race at LA Metro, talks about thinking spatially as it relates to the intersection of equitable transportation and a community’s well-being in an interview on the Esri & The Science of Where podcast.

Listen to KeAndra’s interview
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Darrell Booker | Microsoft

Darrell Booker, corporate affairs specialist at Microsoft and leader of its Nonprofit Tech Acceleration (NTA) for Black and African American Communities, discusses how his experience at Microsoft and leveraging location awareness are helping to fine-tune the work of NTA.

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