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Work together to protect and thrive

When it comes to community health, many different services, departments, and nonprofits collaborate for the benefit of the public. By sharing complex information through the common language of a map, a community can respond to an outbreak or safeguarding against the threat of one. By accessing shared insights through a central platform, multiple audiences stay informed and are readied to fulfill their roles if needed.

Forward-thinking communities use the ArcGIS platform to become healthier every day

The geographic approach is a way of problem solving that integrates geographic information into how you understand and manage your health services. It opens information to more people, which highlights both concerns and opportunities to promote greater community health.

Do you analyze your community’s health data?

ArcGIS helps you measure and report the current state of your community's health. When key health indicators are tracked, it’s simple to locate the problems your community faces. ArcGIS collects and analyzes data and provides insights that organizations and citizens use to take action.

Do you know where services are needed?

ArcGIS helps target populations in greatest need, decide which services to provide, and coordinate with partners. Mobile devices enable service providers to share information with staff in real-time, directly to and from the field, so users can gain real-time awareness of emerging threats.

How can you use data to influence change?

To manage limited funds, supplies, and skilled personnel, health care providers connect operations dashboards to real-time data. ArcGIS finds and predicts concentrations of patient readmissions and at-risk populations. Intelligently place treatment centers where the greatest impact will be made.


Rancho Cucamonga, California

Mobile app speeds departments’ outreach and assistance.

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Esri's online-based approach to GIS fosters collaboration and innovation

With the right process, people, and technology, any community can become smarter. From the smallest towns to entire nations, location technology helps organizations share information to drive initiatives and improve services. Connect with Esri for a wealth of resources that elevate the essential characteristics of progressive, smart communities.

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