Smart mapping is Esri's next generation intelligent software for making useful, informative maps quickly. The smart mapping functionality of ArcGIS lets you explore, understand, and find meaning in your data within beautiful, thematic maps. We take the guesswork out of setting your map properties by using data-driven styling and intelligent defaults that are tailored to your data. Map styles are always one click away, to reward your curiosity and let you see how each map style reveals a different story in your data. We make it easy for you to find new patterns and discover hidden meaning within your data.

Explore your data

Smart mapping functionality will automatically analyze your data and make data-driven styling suggestions, meaning less guesswork for you. Just click on change style to quickly begin exploring your data.

Understand your data

Once you've settled on a map style, you can gain an understanding of your data by trying different one-click visualizations. With smart mapping themes, you can visualize your data from high to low values, above and below a certain threshold, or particular ranges such as the extreme values.

Find meaning in your data

With smart mapping, your data, style, and visualization all come together to form the story you want to tell, in a beautiful, thematic map. You are able to discover meaning hidden within your data.

How does it work?
Choose a data field

Choose an interesting attribute of your data
Explore your data

Identify your map’s audience and goals
Style your data

Automatic colors suggestions match your basemap
Scale your data

See your data at scales that make sense
Preview your styling choices

Preview your choices, change them anytime
Make new discoveries

Find meaning and new patterns within your data

Try it for yourself

Open one of these maps and click the Change Style button within the layer options to explore how you can bring your data to life.

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Smart mapping tutorials

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