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FirstNet App Catalog with Esri Apps

Esri Solutions on FirstNet Network

FirstNet™, empowers first responders with reliable access to voice, text, data, and video when and where they need it.  FirstNet enables increased awareness - an ability to understand, analyze and share conditions, assets, and hazards in near real-time for true situational awareness.  Esri provides a complete solution suite for the most mission-critical operational challenges. When incidents occur, you will be ready to respond with a set of integrated tools for situational awareness, impact analysis, damage assessment, operational briefings, and public information.

Real-Time Field Ops on the FirstNet Network

See how Explorer for ArcGIS optimizes real-time field operations across agencies.

Building a Common Operating Picture

When San Antonio public safety agencies managed a large, multi-day sports event, they relied on FirstNet to provide the bandwidth needed to create a common operating picture for hundreds of first responders. Hear how they did it.

Find out more about the scalable Esri public safety applications within the FirstNet Network