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Help improve ArcGIS technology and Esri customer experiences.

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Your input matters

Esri's experience research and design teams ensure that people's real-world needs inform the development of Esri software, websites, services, events, and other customer experiences. The feedback gathered through our research directly influences the work of staff across the company. What we learn through experience research helps us create the products and experiences millions of people around the world interact with. We host numerous studies and surveys throughout the year, so there are many opportunities to get involved. Sign up and help us learn from you.

Help create future tech and better customer experiences

Share your unique perspective; explore new ideas for geospatial capabilities; and improve Esri's services, programs, websites, and events. Whether you are an ArcGIS expert or have never heard of GIS before, we want your help.

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How it works

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Complete our sign-up questionnaire to join the group of people we reach out to for studies. This questionnaire helps us learn about your background and expertise so that we can best match you to a study.

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Get contacted about research opportunities

Since each research activity is different, we look for people who are a good match for the topics being studied. If you are a fit with an active study, we will send you an email to invite you to participate. Since these activities are completely voluntary, you can always say no to an invite.

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Show up and have fun

Some research activities, such as surveys, can be completed on your own time. Other activities, like interviews, require us to meet in person or remotely. No matter what type of research activity we are doing, it's exciting to share your thoughts and get a peek behind the scenes at Esri.

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What you'll do

The teams that do experience research at Esri host many kinds of activities throughout the year. Here are some examples of the kinds of things you might be invited to join.

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Surveys are essential to receiving a range of feedback on different topics. At Esri, we read every survey response to learn ways we can improve your customer experience, and we use your feedback to inform our decision-making. While we run many small and large surveys every year, here are the main surveys we carry out:

  • Product survey: Whether you're new to ArcGIS or a seasoned superuser, our product teams want your responses! Feedback from this survey directly informs what goes into our products. This survey goes out annually in the fall to current ArcGIS customers.
  • Business areas survey: Understanding your experiences across our organization enables us to prioritize the interactions that matter to you. This short survey goes out in the summer and asks people to rate their satisfaction with different areas of Esri's business.

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