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Aerial shot of freight yard with train carriages

Shortline Rail Webinar with ArcGIS

August 29 | 10:00 a.m (PT)

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Aerial shot of freight yard with train carriages

Webinar overview

Discover how to leverage the North American Rail Network to filter and identify your railroad network. Explore the ArcGIS Railroads Data Model, integrating GIS capabilities such as linear referencing and schematic mapping. Plus, learn practical use cases like deploying mobile apps for on-site work.



What you'll learn

  • Get  started with an ArcGIS Online subscription 
  • Discover  what rail data is free and publicly available to add to your map  
  • Take advantage of Esri solutions  and mobile apps  to put your GIS to work for you
  • Reach out to Esri for support and guidance in getting started
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