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ArcGIS Desktop (ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap) is available at three license levels: Advanced, Standard, and Basic.

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What you get with the Advanced License:

Map Creation, Interactive Visualization, and Spatial Analysis


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Create interactive maps and scenes from file, database, and online sources      
Visually model and spatially analyze a process or workflow      
Basic spatial analysis tools for overlay, proximity, and summary      
Statistical tools for analyzing spatial patterns, clusters, and relationships      
Scripting geoprocessing and other operations using Python      
Create street-level maps that incorporate GPS locations      
View CAD data or satellite/areal imagery      
Visualize categories, relationships, distributions, and change in your data using charts.      
Publish and share maps and projects as packages and services on the web, mobile apps, and social media.      
Create, configure, and print page layouts      

Multiuser Editing and Advanced Data Management

Advanced Standard Basic
Complete GIS data editing capabilities      
Edit a multiuser enterprise geodatabase      
Use disconnected editing in the field      
Store historical snapshots of your data      
Automate quality control      
Create spatial data from scanned maps      
Manage workflows and job assignments      

Advanced Analysis, High-End Cartography, and Extensive Database Management

Advanced Standard Basic
Advanced GIS data analysis and modeling      
Produce publication-quality maps      
Advanced data translation and creation      
Advanced feature manipulation and processing      
Data conversion for CAD, raster, dBASE, and coverage formats      
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