ArcNews Technology and Trends Series

Thought leaders discuss changes and insights in the evolving landscape of GIS and IT technologies.

Changing the Face of Geography

Illustration from Changing the Face of Geography, Spring 2009.


Geospatial Technology and the Future of the City
By Jack Dangermond, Esri President, Winter 2014/2015

An Alternative Approach to Geospatial Graduate Education
By Suzanne Perlitsh Wechsler, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), Fall 2014

Train the Trainer
By John Schaeffer, GISP, and Karen Beardsley, PhD, GISP, Summer 2014

Redesigning Geospatial Education
By Anthony C. Robinson, Lead Faculty for Online Geospatial Education, Pennsylvania State University, Spring 2014

The Relevance of Cartography
By University Professor Dr. Georg Gartner, President, International Cartographic Association, Winter 2013/2014

Geodesign Education Takes Flight and
Confluence of Trends and Issues Actuates a Path for Geodesign Education
By Kelleann Foster, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture, Penn State University, Fall 2013

Beginnings of Geodesign: A Personal Historical Perspective
By Carl Steinitz, Summer 2013

Agents, Models, and Geodesign
By Michael Batty, Bartlett Professor, University College London, Spring 2013

U-Spatial: A Consortium for the Spatial University
By Francis Harvey, Len Kne, and Steven Manson, University of Minnesota, Winter 2012/2013

Place-Based Knowledge in the Digital Age
By Thomas Fisher, Professor of Architecture and Dean of the College of Design, University of Minnesota, Fall 2012

Strengthening the GIS Profession
By David DiBiase, Director of Education, Industry Solutions, Esri, Summer 2012

Quo Vadimus?
By Brian J. L. Berry, University of Texas, Dallas, Spring 2012

Through the Macroscope: Geography's View of the World
By Jerome E. Dobson, Professor of Geography, University of Kansas, Winter 2011/2012

Ecosystem Services—Learning to Leverage Natural Capital
By Frederick Steiner, Dean, School of Architecture, The University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2011

Hand in Hand—Spatial Information for Latin America
By Santiago Borrero, Secretary General, Pan American Institute of Geography and History, Summer 2011

On Scale and Complexity and the Need for Spatial Analysis
By Carl Steinitz, Wiley Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning Emeritus, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Spring 2011

Integrated Models and Grand Challenges
By Michael Batty, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, Winter 2010/2011

Getting to Know the Mapping Sciences Committee
By Keith Clarke, Chair, Mapping Sciences Committee, the National Research Council, Fall 2010

Geospatial Responses to Disasters: The Role of Cyberspace
By Melinda Laituri, Summer 2010

Building INSPIRE: The Spatial Data Infrastructure for Europe
By Max Craglia, Spring 2010

Kingston University London: 20 Years of GIS Education
By Kenneth Field, Winter 2009/2010

Governance of the NSDI
by Will Craig, Fall 2009

Process Models and Next-Generation Geographic Information Technology
by Paul M. Torrens, Summer 2009

Dynamic GIS; read the article

Changing the Face of Geography: GIS and the IGU
by Roger F. Tomlinson, Spring 2009

Transport 2.0: Meeting Grand Challenges with GIScience
by Harvey J. Miller, Winter 2008/2009

Implementing Geographic Information Technologies Ethically
by Harlan J. Onsrud, Fall 2008

Dynamics GIS: Recognizing the Dynamic Nature of Reality
by May Yuan, Spring 2008

What Holds Us Together
by Arthur Getis, Winter 2007/2008

Living Inside Networks of Knowledge
by Nick Chrisman, Fall 2007

What holds us together; read the article

What Historians Want from GIS
by J.B. "Jack" Owens, Summer 2007

Bring Back Geography!
by Jerome E. Dobson, Spring 2007

Exploration in the Age of Digital Earth
by Dawn J. Wright, Winter 2006/2007

The Fourth R? Rethinking GIS Education
by Michael F. Goodchild, Fall 2006

Defining the Components of the Geospatial Workforce—Who Are We?
By Dr. Duane F. Marble, Castlereagh Enterprises, Inc., Winter 2005/2006