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May 2014

Whetting an Appetite for Geospatial Apps

By Carla Wheeler
Esri Writer

They came hungry, with an appetite for ArcGIS API for JavaScript, ArcGIS Runtime SDKs, Python, Ruby on Rails, Esri Geotrigger Service, and anything else available to build and power their geospatial apps. Developers such as Jessica Altamira and Alex Bostic were in their element as they joined 1,800 other people at the 2014 Esri International Developer Summit, learning all they could to create new mobile and web applications.Read the article.

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Developers devoured the technical information that flowed at the Esri International Developer Summit.

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Tip of the Month

Learn to Customize the Shortlist Story Map Banner

There's a way to customize the color and style of your banner for Short List, a popular Esri Story Map template application.Read this tip.

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    The Headlines

    How GitHub Grew
  • How GitHub Grew

    GitHub cofounder Chris Wanstrath chronicles how GitHub came into being and talks about the symbiotic relationship between open- and closed-source code. Read the article.

    Try Explorer for ArcGIS
  • Try Explorer for ArcGIS

    Esri just released the Explorer for ArcGIS app for iOS devices. Read this article to learn how you can use this app to work with maps and data, anytime and anywhere.

    Win with Your Story Map
  • Win with Your Story Map

    Esri's new Storytelling with Maps Contest might just be the nudge you need to start making web maps with the Story Map apps available from ArcGIS Online. Everyone's a winner when they make a Story Map, but read this article to get the contest details such as what prizes you could take home.


    News Bytes

  • Open Data Beta

    ArcGIS Open Data is now in public beta. Read this blog post from Esri's Andrew Turner to see what you can do with your organization's public data and ArcGIS Online. View Esri Open Data, also in beta.

  • The Power of Location in Law Enforcement

    Learn how to use the ArcGIS platform to collect and analyze information and solve crimes, such as commercial burglaries, in this webinar hosted by John Beck and Chris Delaney from Esri's law enforcement industry team.

  • What's New in ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server

    ArcGIS for Server now includes support for working with data offline using Collector for ArcGIS. Read the blog post and watch a video tutorial.

  • Start-up Apps with Maps

    Companies such as RideAmigos Corp. and CitySourced use Esri technology for their apps that involve interaction with people. Read the article.

  • Centerpoints

    Honoring Dr. Tomlinson
  • Honoring Dr. Tomlinson

    In 1960, Dr. Roger Tomlinson began to develop a computer program he called GIS. Dr. Tomlinson passed away February 9. Please share your photos of him for a tribute this summer at the Esri International User Conference. Submit your images by May 28, 2014.

    Drawing Comparisons
  • Drawing Comparisons

    The Urban Observatory just added 105 new maps to the City Comparison app, including data from Washington, DC; Atlanta, Georgia; San Antonio, Texas; Portland, Oregon; and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Learn more about Urban Observatory.

    Try the ZipLookup App
  • Try the ZipLookup App

    The new Esri ZipLookup app gives you a quick view of demographic and lifestyle information for every ZIP code in the United States. Find out the median age, household income, and more for each area. Learn more about Esri Tapestry data.