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December 2013

Helping Hearts

By Rachel Ankersen, GISi and Karen Richardson, Esri Writer

Find out where cardiovascular disease is prevalent in the United States using the new Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke mapping application from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Built by GISi and the CDC using Esri ArcGIS software, this application lets you see where death and hospitalization rates for heart disease and stroke are high and low. You can also compare that data, down to the county level, to poverty rates, education levels, and other determinants of health. Read the article.

Helping Hearts
Use the atlas to compare data by county such as percentages of poverty to death rates from heart disease. Do any patterns appear?

Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month

Customize Your Basemap in ArcGIS Online

The basemap gallery in ArcGIS Online offers nine great basemap choices including the World Topographic Map and the Light Gray Canvas Map. But there will be times when another basemap will better suit your needs. You can use the ArcGIS Online map viewer to find and launch alternative basemaps. Read this tip.

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