Great Britain's national mapping agency embraces automation | GIS is a strategic component of airport modernization

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Great Britain's national mapping agency embraces automation
Esri Blog: Ordnance Survey Great Britain (OS) uses automated processes to capture data once and use that information across a whole range of different map and data products. Read more.

GIS is a strategic component of airport modernization
ArcNews: Los Angeles International Airport is using GIS to manage its $15 billion capital improvement project. Read more.

Maharashtra government makes GIS-based development plan mandatory for urban areas
The Indian Express: The state government in Maharashtra in Western India issued directions to all planning authorities in the state to prepare the development plan on a GIS platform. Read more.

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Esri Story Maps: Human impacts are warming our climate and changing our planet. View story map.

Differences between the IoT and the IIoT
IIoT World: The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are not sensors or equipment but instead make up a communication-based ecosystem in which a variety of devices, such as cameras, product counters, rate of sales, and industrial sensors, communicate with cloud-based processes. Read more.

Corporate America is getting ready to monetize climate change
Bloomberg: CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, released letter grades for companies that measure how aware they are about the issue of climate change, how they're managing it, and how they're progressing toward targets. Read more.

Draft Equal Earth physical map open for public comment
GIS Lounge: Tom Patterson, one of the developers of the recently released Equal Earth map projection, is asking for feedback from the public on his draft physical wall map based on the Equal Earth projection. Read more.

Cabarrus County maps opioid overdoses
Spectrum News: North Carolina is using GIS to map locations of overdoses and finding many happen in public places. Read more.

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