Alibaba Cloud deploys location-based technology with Esri | Data to decisions with the Jane Goodall Institute

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Alibaba Cloud deploys location-based technology with Esri
SDxCentral: Esri and Alibaba Cloud have already collaborated on over 20 deployments and are now working to ensure their technologies are interoperable. Read more

Data to decisions with the Jane Goodall Institute
Blue Raster: Esri partner Blue Raster worked with the Jane Goodall Institute to create the Western Tanzania Forest Monitoring Dashboard, connecting communities and data to manage forests and habitats in Tanzania. Read more.

Toronto police use maps and apps to strengthen community-based policing
Esri Blog: The Community Asset Portal app helps police find appropriate services nearby in real time. Read more.

Three emerging technologies shaping the future of cities
Urban Land: Building information modeling is one of the factors that will ensure the expansion of smart cities. Read more.

How California fought its wildfires with data
StateScoop: The California Health and Human Services Agency realizes it needs to turn more data into digestible information that would inform its response activities. Read more.

Mapping minerals with satellite imagery
GIS Lounge: Mapping minerals from space was one of the reasons for creating multispectral satellite systems, and modern, more accurate systems are even more useful for this purpose. Read more.

OGC wants your mature, community-developed standards
ArcNews: The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC), is exploring a process for accommodating the submission of widely used, mature specifications developed independently from OGC. Read more.

How cities are divided by income, mapped
CityLab: Esri Story Map app visualizes the landscape of economic inequality in US cities Read more.

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