TM Forum and Esri Provide Solution to Maintain Telecom Services during Disasters

Computerworld Honors High-Tech Program

May 9, 2013

ArcGIS technology from Esri helps telecom companies maintain service.

Redlands, California—When threatened by natural disaster or civil unrest, telecommunication companies work to keep up phone and Internet service, especially to assist police, fire fighters, and paramedics. To avoid outages, network operators must transfer cloud-based applications to servers located out of harm's way. The task is not easy. Recently, TM Forum, a global nonprofit telecom industry association, worked with Esri and others to develop a high-tech solution. The resultant Resilient Cloud Catalyst: Maintaining Service in the Face of Developing Threats won the 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate in the World Good category.

The Resilient Cloud Catalyst detects developing threats and models potential impact. Such advanced notice gives operators the time they need to identify vulnerabilities in the network and relocate critical services.

"When lives are at stake, you need to be able to sense impending threats and transfer resources," said Randy Frantz, Esri director of telecommunications and location-based services. "When you use ArcGIS technology from Esri with your network management system, you can easily evaluate external threats and determine potential impact on operations."

Esri technology adds capabilities to network monitoring and management system by helping companies do the following:

  • Detect and identify a developing threat
  • Model potential impact on the network prior to any actual impairment
  • Identify critical application services that could be disrupted by the threat
  • Relocate critical application services to network resources that are not under threat

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