Galleria RTS Includes Esri Location Intelligence for Better Merchandise Planning

Geo-demographic Information Helps Retailers Meet Customer Demands

January 12, 2015

Redlands, California—Galleria RTS, a leading provider of retail and supplier category optimization solutions, announced that its Behavioral Cluster Planning (BCP) “Xtreme” solution will now include Esri location intelligence. Merchandisers can gain more insight into their customers to efficiently cluster stores and balance workload with sales and margins. Category planners, buyers, and merchandise analysts will benefit with better knowledge about customers, products, and locations.

“Often, retailers have limited or no visibility to external factors that affect demand,” said Kent Smith, VP Business Development for Galleria North America.” Knowing how the presence of coffee shops impacts gourmet sales, how the positioning of hospitals correlates to flower sales, and how sports clubs can drive a different pattern of sales in athletic apparel is invaluable. The combination of Galleria’s BCP and Esri’s TapestrySM Segmentation data and location analytics will allow retailers to truly understand why things happen where they do. Fusing these incredible insights represents the ‘missing link’ in analysis.”

Using Esri’s location platform and Tapestry lifestyle data, BCP Xtreme customers can enhance their information about neighborhoods, competitive locational data, and knowledge about where institutions and businesses are located. This will help them better plan merchandising, marketing, and store clustering.

“We are pleased to work with an organization like Galleria that understands the importance of local geography on the choices businesses must make on a daily basis,” said Simon Thompson, director of commercial business at Esri. “Understanding the proximity of competitors, access to transportation networks, and real-world drive times will provide their customers with deep insight into the effects on store performance and help them make changes more efficiently and accurately.”

For more information on how Esri’s solutions can help retail and supplier category teams, visit or visit Esri and Galleria in booth 3171 at the National Retail Federation show in New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, January 11–13, 2015.

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About Galleria Retail Technology Solutions

Galleria is the leading provider of end to end category planning, automation and optimization solutions and consulting services to the retail industry.

With a comprehensive product suite, Galleria provide customer focused solutions for customer insight, clustering, space and assortment automation and optimization supported by detailed analytics and reporting tools designed to meet the needs of retailers and CPG suppliers alike.

The net result is that significant benefits can be realized including: increased sales, enhanced margins, reduced waste/mark-down and accelerated inventory turns.

Galleria’s flexible solutions can be hosted by Galleria and/or operated as both desktop and integrated solutions as well as being provided as pure consultancy services. Galleria currently works with many of the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers including A&P, Coop Denmark, East of England Coop, Giant Eagle, Maxima, M.Video, Morrisons, One Stop, PARKnSHOP, Safeway, Tesco, Unilever and Woolworths.

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