Presenter Resources

Preparing for the Conference

All final presentation slides must be submitted by Friday, July 3 in order to be eligible to present in July. Only submissions that are actually presented will be published in the conference proceedings. If you have confidential material that is not authorized to be published, please e-mail us at to coordinate an alternative way to submit your final presentation.

Access My Presentations

PowerPoint Slide Suggestions

  • Use a minimum text size of 18 point to ensure readability in large conference rooms. Consider dividing content among additional slides as needed.
  • Use high-contrast colors for text, graphics, and related formatting such as bullets and arrows. Avoid red, dark green, or black text on dark backgrounds. Recommended text colors for dark backgrounds are white, yellow, light green, or light blue.
  • If you use animations, please limit them to a minimum and practice your presentation to become familiar with the progression.

Internet Access

All presentation rooms will have internet access through the session moderator's laptop. You may not use your own computer to access the internet in session rooms. Do not plan to download any data for your presentation through this connection.

The Day of Your Presentation

  • Be sure to bring your presentation on a flash drive or CD as back up. If you've uploaded your presentation onto your My Presentations, your moderator should have the file ready for you.
  • Arrive at your session room 15 minutes early to setup and meet with your moderator.

Standard Equipment Provided in Presentation Rooms

  • LCD projector to connect to your laptop
  • One projection screen
  • Lectern/podium with stationary microphone
  • Head table with two chairs

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