Geo Business Seminar
21 March, 2018 | Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Location Data in Business
The Science Of Where drives growth
Business success today requires precise knowledge about who and where your customers are. Geography exposes insights about sales, competition, customer behavior and operations. Using GIS, companies can bring disparate data into one place and use location as a common reference to unlock insights and understand their business.
Join Esri and our partners as we share how business leaders are using location and geography to drive business. Whether it’s through the application of demographic data to better understand specific locations, or the visualization of IoT data to quickly spot patterns and trends in big data, you will learn how geography can reveal deeper insights by using location as a common reference point across multiple data types.
Please visit our registration page to confirm your attendance. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!
Esri, the leading provider of spatial analytics and location technology, is hosting a seminar that will bring together leaders from organizations who are using location as a differentiator in their business planning. Learn how businesses discover, make, use and share maps to provide better insights.
Speakers from a variety of markets will talk about how location is helping them to:
  • Plan and re-allocate store locations
  • Optimize sales district planning
  • Support targeted marketing campaigns
  • Understand and improve dealer and franchise networks
  • Provide In-store Analytics
Who should visit the Seminar?
Any organization interested to improve decision making by unlocking the power of location:
  • In the following markets: retail, retail banking, consumer goods manufacturers, retail real estate services providers, automotive and other organizations working in a B-to-C environment.
  • Leaders working in market research, BI &CRM analytics, advanced analytics, expansion planning, real estate planning, location planning, sales and marketing.
5 Reasons to Attend
Connect and collaborate with peers facing common challenges.
Listen in on presentations from retailers, consumer good manufactures and experts from the retail market on the usage of geo in their organizations.
Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech Trends
Get up-to-speed on the latest technology trends for spatial analysis, data collection and consumption.
Market Changes
Market Changes
Understand how your peers are dealing with changes in the markets such as loT, digitalization and e-commerce.
Provide direct feedback to solution and content providers concerning requirements that will support your future needs.
The Geo Business Seminar Europe is free for qualifying commercial enterprises. Please complete the registration form to receive your confirmation for attendance. Your registration includes a complimentary refreshments and lunch during the event.