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April 6, 2017
Chris Beach, Theatre Professor-University of Redlands
Big Brother Hamlet

Join Chris Beach for a fun discussion about his latest production, Big Brother Hamlet. Taking the theme of “omniscience” found in Shakespeare’s script (God, the Supernatural, King and Kingdom), Beach connects it with today’s most “omniscient entity”—surveillance technology.

The principle scenic element of Big Brother Hamlet is computer projection mapping: a drone appears on stage and projects live audience images, onstage programmers take shifts at a laptop during the show, the projected ghost of Hamlet’s father moves and changes throughout the space, Hamlet’s journey to England is tracked as a blue dot on a map, and more!

A professor of theatre arts at the University of Redlands, Beach has directed over 60 productions in the professional, academic and community theatre arenas. He began the theatre arts department in 1993, and has taught many subjects. His primary areas of concentration are acting and directing, voice and movement, first year seminars, senior seminars, and performance projects.

March 22, 2017
Dr. Kendrick Brown
Addressing the Expression and Experience of Racism in America

Dr. Brown assumed the deanship of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Redlands in July 2016. For almost 20 years, he has used his teaching and research in social psychology to address how people can bridge their racial differences.

Previous to joining the University of Redlands, Brown, a social psychologist, served as professor of Psychology at Macalester College. While there, Brown conducted research on the effects of skin tone bias (treating others differently because of the shade of their skin color) on African American psychological well-being, how White American student-athletes’ racial attitudes are shaped by their interactions with teammates of color, and dominant group attitudes toward policies intended to address racial inequalities in the United States and European Union nations.

Dr. Brown will go in greater depth on how being teammates playing a sport together—and being seen as an ally—can improve interactions between people belonging to different ethnicity groups. He will also share tips for authentic communication in interracial social situations, amongst other discussion topics.

March 8, 2017
Billy E. Pope, Jr., Lt Col, USAF
Cyber Power: The Dichotomy of Cyberspace and National Security

TCyberspace underpins nearly every facet of modern global society. Worldwide financial markets, industrial supply chains, global transportation, and instantaneous access to information serve as just a few examples of how pervasive connectivity through the fabric of cyberspace has changed our world. The combination of critical dependency on this capability, and the inherent vulnerability and risks involved, creates serious security challenges the world cannot ignore.

As the Chief of the Cyber Strategy—Branch SAF CIO/A6 at the Headquarters, United States Air Force, Lt. Colonel Billy E. Pope, Jr. has a unique view into the cyber security of our nation.

A University of Redlands graduate, Lt. Col Pope is a cyber operations specialist by trade. He has served as the Chief of Information Protection for all U.S. Special Operations forces in the Middle East, and led Commander's Communication Team, supporting United States Central Command around the globe.

February 23, 2017
Dr. Kathy Sullivan
Observing Earth: Views from the Space Shuttle to Capitol Hill

The space age brought with it a revolution in mankind's ability to observe our planet. We rely on this capability every day—when we check the weather forecast, hop on an airplane, or pull up a map on our smartphone. Dozens of innovative companies have capitalized on the satellite data that makes all this possible—tailoring it to purposes ranging from agribusiness and aviation to commercial mapping, surveying, and personal entertainment.

According to some, commercializing satellite weather data accelerate innovation and spur growth, while others argue that it will slow innovation and increase risk, compromising public safety and social equity.

Dr. Kathy Sullivan is one of the few people to have seen a satellite’s view of Earth. At the next Redlands Forum, she will share her experiences as an astronaut and administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

February 8, 2017
Kathy Feeley
Watching Mary Pickford: Her Life and Work in Early Hollywood

In 1910, a group of actors from the East Coast came to a small village in Southern California to make movies. That village was called Hollywood.

At the next Redlands Forum, hear the inspiring story of pioneering actress and entrepreneur Mary Pickford. Joining us will be University of Redlands associate professor of history, Kathy Feeley, author of Mary Pickford: Hollywood and the New Woman. Her book explores the exceptional life of Pickford as Hollywood's first leading lady and cofounder of United Artists studio.

February 2, 2017
Minxin Pei
How China's Economy Really Works

Minxin Pei, Author of the Book China's Crony Capitalismjoined us for an intriguing look at China's economic system

Pei, director of the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies at Claremont McKenna College, is an expert on Chinese affairs. He is a former senior associate with the Asia program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

For this special presentation, brought to us by the World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California, Mr. Pei examined how corruption operates at every level in China and what the United States can learn from China's pitfalls.

January 4, 2017
Meet the Youngblood Creatives
Redlands' Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

You may not know a Youngblood Creative, but you've probably heard of their work. The Youngblood Creatives are the founders of some of Redlands' most well-known, innovative businesses.

Get to know a few of the Youngblood Creatives at the next Redlands Forum. Joining us will be Ryan Berk of à la minute , Robb Pearson of Augie's Coffee House, Kadir Fakir of Cheesewalla, Bryan Bruce of The Orchard, and Lisa Vest of Vasa, The Yoga Studio.

Come learn what motivated these pioneering individuals to start businesses in Redlands and the challenges and triumphs they've experienced. The program will be moderated by longtime entrepreneur and Esri president Jack Dangermond.