Esri UC—A Lot of Learning in One Location
Learn, network and share your experiences with 16,000 other Esri GIS users. Whether you are an analyst, a manager, or a developer, there are hundreds of sessions, training classes and seminars to help you learn skills and workflows, get familiar with new software and data, and discuss best practices.
Take part in one-on-one sessions with Esri trainers, professional service staff, product developers, and Esri partners to get specific questions answered. Network with others who hold your interests from around the world. Whatever you choose to do at the Esri UC, it will be time well spent. Uncover the expert in you - come to Esri UC!
Boost your skills by attending a preconference seminar, technical workshop, paper session or demo theater presentation. Meet others in Special Interest Group and solution provider meetings. Learn something new at the Map Gallery. Do yoga. Run a 5K. Attend a party. There’s even a kids fair for those next generation geographers! This is your front row seat to learn the next big thing in GIS. Don’t miss it!
Unlock location in your data so you can understand where everything is, what’s near, and how it is all connected.
Find context in content when you use geography to accumulate and aggregate massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.
Make the complex easy to understand in a much more realistic manner when you apply 3D visualization to your design solutions.
Detect and quantify, find hot spots and outliers, make predictions and measure and distribute. Do more than just place dots on maps.
16,000 students and professionals from the global GIS community will be here. Meet them and expand your network.
300 moderated sessions. 450 hours of technical training. 13 preconference seminars. Demos, talks, labs. You can't help but learn something new.
Get your questions answered by Esri staff, fellow users and trusted solution providers. Gain knowledge and build a better mouse trap.
Find others in your industry or in your geographic area who work with the same apps and make similar maps. Make a connection.