Esri User Conference

July 10 – July 14, 2017 | San Diego Convention Center

User Conference Exhibitor FAQs

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Who can exhibit?
How do I reserve a booth?
How do I pay for my booth?
Are there registrations tied to my booth?
How do I register my staff?
How do I submit/update my online corporate description?
How do I purchase an agenda ad?
Where can I find the exhibit manual?
What are the UC Expo hours?
What are the Business Summit Expo hours?
What are the Education GIS Conference Expo hours?
What are the Imaging and Mapping Forum Expo hours?
What are the National Security and Public Safety Summit Expo hours?
Does Esri provide a list of attendees for the UC and/or concurrent events?
How many attendees are expected to attend the UC?
What kind of organizations do UC attendees come from?
What is Family Night?