Increase your portfolio returns.

Improve accounting visibility. Given today’s increased need for rapid decision making, you need to have total and near-instant visibility for all your assets. Esri provides insight into facility condition, utilization, and functionality. Implement a location strategy that provides a spatial context for you investments and activities. See the factors that influence the performance of your portfolio, which will ultimately help you better understand your facilities, increase operational efficiency, and improve your decisions and plans.

"Geospatial capabilities are changing the way we all do business. We turned data into decisions."

Commander Sandrine Schultz, Navy Installation Command Energy, program manager



Determine the best location for construction, estimate facility investment return, and decide where to reduce operations and maintenance costs.


Measure the value and return of short duration projects. Distribute your analysis as interactive smart map to stakeholders.


Effectively share your ideas with stakeholders. Use 2D and 3D map apps to deliver holistic understanding of facilities and properties.


ArcGIS Online

Improve the speed of business with ArcGIS Online. Access its rich data repository to build portfolios that include top performers, best locations, and highest value properties. Quickly map facility and property globally or locally. Author your map and publish to the web so that stakeholders can access it instantaneously.

Learn more about ArcGIS Online.

Esri Location Analytics

Use Esri Maps for Office to quickly create an assessment of the properties or buildings in your portfolio for an executive briefing and use mapping tools in your PowerPoint presentation. Rapidly transform data on an Excel spreadsheet into an online map.

Learn more about Esri Location Analytics.

Story Maps

Tell a compelling and easy to understand story about your portfolio using Story Maps. Show location, design, environments and value using these interactive web maps. Esri has built many types of templates to make it easy for you to build a Story Map that is perfect for your situation.

Learn more about Story Maps.

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