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Location is the key to successful development, evolution, and growth of your marketing strategy. From social media to display advertising, coupon optimization, and sentiment analysis, understanding place will give you a better view of what’s what and who’s where. Esri location analytics can help get you a game plan that reduces uncertainty, drives profitability, and improves performance.

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Sharpen your store network. Provide the best service to your customers as efficiently as possible.


Increase sales from every outlet. Understand who your customers are and how to attract more like them.


Create enviable marketing outreach. Big or small, local or global, put place back into the mix of price, place, and promotion.


Esri Location Analytics

The connected consumer is changing the face of business. How do you make the most out of e-marketing and social media strategies without cannibalizing existing brick and mortar stores? Location brings meaning to mobile technology and helps you create a winning bottom line.

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ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS is the geography platform for your retail organization. Integrate ArcGIS into your existing business systems, improving access to information across your organization. Improve business agility while making the best decisions.

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Save money by marketing to the right people and knowing where to spend resources to serve those most in need. Gain crucial insights by identifying the best customers and prospects and tapping into the who of lifestyle demography with the where of location neighborhood geography.

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