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Surveying is a vital part of infrastructure development, from building roads and communication systems to establishing transportation networks and pipelines. A centralized information system based on GIS software provides the framework for maintaining and deploying critical data and applications across every aspect of an infrastructure project, including data collection, planning, construction, and operations.

GIS gives you a single data source from which to work. It helps combat data communications errors, eliminating the need for multiple flat files in disparate systems. Centrally hosting applications and data makes it easy to manage, organize, and integrate geographic data, including CAD data, from existing databases to visualize, analyze, and make decisions.

With Esri GIS, you can

  • Securely store and manage vast amounts of spatial information.
  • Propagate data changes among multiple data sources.
  • Ensure data integrity, consistency, and credibility.
  • Integrate real-time tracking of features and events.
  • Tie GIS data to non-GIS applications.
  • Allow those without GIS knowledge to take advantage of geographic data.

Success Stories

These stories show how companies involved with surveying gain benefits from the use of geographic analysis and GIS.

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