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What happens when you combine real-time intelligence from OSIsoft with spatial analytics from Esri? You get new insights to help you respond quickly and plan proactively. This means less downtime and lower costs with more safety and greater reliability. OSIsoft’s PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS is the technology that links your PI system to your ArcGIS platform.

Your Information Systems Can Help You Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

Enabling Geo-Energy Monitoring of Critical Infrastructures

You can use real-time data and location analytics to improve situational awareness, manage critical infrastructure, and meet energy mandates. View the webinar recording for everything you need to know.

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Discover what you can do with Esri + OSIsoft

Esri + OSIsoft for Electric

See events affecting your network when and where they happen. Communicate accurate information with field crews and customers. Analyze asset history and performance to uncover root problems.

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Esri + OSIsoft for Oil & Gas

Identify vulnerable pipeline regions or underperforming stations. Determine whether to renew leases by seeing lease expirations alongside well production. Look at individual wells to evaluate field performance. Find opportunities for new fields. Define and respond to problems before they happen so you can mitigate risk.

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Esri + OSIsoft for Facilities

See real-time facility data on a map to understand the status and condition of personnel along with critical equipment and operations assets. Real-time data combined with precise maps improves your ability to discover potential issues and allows for faster response time.

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Esri + OSIsoft for Mining

Manage vehicle wear and tear to improve maintenance schedules and reduce costs. Minimize risk by keeping close tabs on vulnerabilities—people, processes, and equipment—and make safety compliance transparent.

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Esri + OSIsoft for Water

Respond quickly and proactively to leaks and other maintenance issues. Manage water flow and locate problems with early detection to reduce waste during periods of drought. Create more accurate reports to comply with regulation requirements.

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