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Experience the competitive advantage of applying geography to your real-time data.

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Optimize your ability to visualize real-time facility data by using a map to see the status and condition of personnel along with critical equipment and operations assets. Real-time data combined with precise maps improve your ability to discover potential issues and allows for faster response time.

Experience true situational awareness

  • Detect operational problems before they become serious problems
  • Share key data with every stakeholder throughout your organization
  • Mitigate risk to keep people safe and reduce your cost
  • Allocate resources to just the right place at the exact right time


Real Time. Real Fast. Real Importance.

Safety and Security

  • Real-time situational awareness for status and condition of personnel and critical equipment
  • Increase response time by monitoring internal facility communication feeds which trigger real-time alerts on maps
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Real Time. Real Analytics. Real Performance.

Building Operations

  • Improve energy monitoring, reduce consumption, and increase efficiency
  • Link to project and work order databases for a complete picture
  • Map the movement of service crews for true situational awareness
  • Perform real-time and historic trend detections base lined against work orders to optimize asset performance
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Facilities Scenario

As a facility manager you are tasked with responsibility of improving overall operational efficiencies, facility safety and security. This task has never been more vital. The facility manager needs access to tools to both receive real-time data and visualize where possible inefficiencies are occurring within asset performance, environmental efficiencies, and personal safety. Esri + OSIsoft provides a real-time geography-based solution to monitor trends, improve response time and mitigate potential risks. Take one important issue as an example: the ability to manage a building’s energy consumption. Building owners and operators now have the ability to monitor energy assets, such as HVAC, as well as occupant behavior to identify the causes and effects of energy consumption, make a proactive energy conservation plan, and ultimately reduce cost.

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