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Experience the competitive advantage of applying geography to your real-time data.

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The Operations Center gives every team the same view of information during major outages across the network. Centralized teams can better coordinate field response to lower response-time.

Experience Situational Awareness

  • Anticipate operational challenges before they become performance problems
  • Share key performance indicators with stakeholders throughout the organization
  • Mitigate risk to people, assets, the environment and your corporate reputation
  • Allocate resources appropriately to meet key performance metrics and schedules


Visualize Real-Time Performance Indicators in an Easily Consumable Map-Based Dashboard

Asset Management

  • Identify performance improvement opportunities by monitoring operations in real-time
  • Build performance knowledge over time and fix problems before they occur
  • Get ahead of your KPIs and performance metrics with predictive analytics on a map

Harness the Power of Real-Time Situational Awareness in Appropriate Spatial Context

Transparent Safety Compliance

  • Manage your real-time operational situation and be ready to shift gears immediately
  • Minimize risk by keeping close tabs on vulnerabilities—people, key processes and vital equipment
  • Ensure quick response in emergencies by designing and sharing optimal evacuation plans

The Best Real-Time Performance requires Operational Analytics both When and Where You Need it!

Improving the Process and Performance Networks

  • Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies by mapping your key metrics against operational site plans
  • Discover patterns in key workflows that adversely affect KPIs and design system improvements
  • Research points of failure and plan forward to anticipate and mitigate, then eradicate

Mining Scenario

The best performing mining companies are realizing that the key to increased performance is straight forward integration—making sure that one system is talking to the next in a sequence, or that one is seen in the context of another. This is certainly true given the rapid introduction of real-time systems monitoring. Much is to be gained in terms asset performance, situational awareness and predictive analytics. But, the real power comes from combining the “what” and “when” of asset performance with the critical aspect of “where.” Operations managers can achieve spatial context and locational analysis capabilities with a simple-to-digest map, or common operations dashboard. The world seems to come to light, people gravitate to the map, and new insight is discovered in real time. The Esri + OSIsoft solution gives you the power of simple, straight-forward integration by combining asset management, real-time monitoring, and spatial platforms into a single integrated contextual view.

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