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Experience the competitive advantage of applying geography to your real-time data.

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The Operations Center gives every team the same view of information during major outages across the network. Centralized teams can better coordinate field response to lower response-time.

Experience true situational awareness

  • Detect operational problems before they become serious problems
  • Share key data with every stakeholder throughout your organization
  • Mitigate risk to keep people safe and reduce your cost
  • Allocate resources to just the right place at the exact right time


Real Time. Real Fast. Real Importance.

Operational Awareness

  • Monitor field crews and dispatch the right people to the right place
  • Demonstrate how you are meeting compliance requirements or responding to leaks
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Real Time. Real Leverage. Real Impact.

Asset Management

  • Track, locate, and manage assets based on current data
  • Provide real-time information across your organization
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Real Time. Real Analytics. Real Performance.

Planning and Analysis

  • Identify vulnerabilities that could lead to pipe breaks
  • Use live data to support decisions related to fire flow assessments, water quality, pump scheduling, emergency planning and flushing
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Water Scenario

Water utilities use sophisticated systems to supply clean water, and collect and treat wastewater. But, when it comes to managing incidents and outages, water utilities often rely on manual processes. This often results in slow response and subpar interactions with customers or outside agencies. Consider that water and wastewater utilities have miles of underground lines and assets spread over large areas. During incidents or outages, it’s important to be able to send crews to the correct location. By connecting real-time data to geographic location, operators and managers can visualize the location and impact of an incident. The Esri + OSIsoft solution empowers operators to stay ahead of problems and pinpoint response efforts.

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