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Using Staff Expertise to Dominate

Achieving Maximum Sales Growth

With a location strategy, Miele, Inc. staff were able to gauge the health and market potential of the company’s dealer network.

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The Right Product Mix

Using a location strategy, merchandising staff can plan an assortment of products that meet diverse customers’ needs.

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Improving Site Selection

With easy access to The Wendy’s Company’s proprietary data and sales forecasting model, staff make informed, strategic decisions on opening, closing, and relocating restaurants.

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Better Marketing Decisions

Carrefour Group’s staff are equipped with a smart mapping solution that helps guide business decisions in more than 15,000 stores in 33 countries.

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Powerful Tools. Even Better Outcomes.

A location strategy gives your most valuable resource – your people – the tools they need to take your business to the next level.



Online data exploration

Information is power. Give everyone access to your data with a secure, easy-to-use online portal.



On-demand visualization

Let staff create custom visualizations on the fly to see data in new ways and uncover new insights.



On-demand analysis

Self-service analytics puts the power of location and real-time data at everyone’s fingertips, whenever and wherever they need it.



Multi-user editing

Make it easy for teams and people to work together on any data or analysis project.



Create and share apps

Give your employees the ability to easily share business intelligence and insights through engaging apps.

ArcGIS: The Platform for Business

Everything in business happens somewhere. With ArcGIS, you can take advantage of that fact to analyze your customers, competitors, and markets like never before. Start building your location strategy today with ArcGIS.

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