A Kangaroo, a Shoe Shine, a Montane Biome with Esri T-Shirts!

Steve Brown and two shoe shiners in Dominican Republic Steve Brown, an assistant professor of environmental sciences at the University of Texas in San Antonio, wears his T-shirt in the company of two cooperating shoe shiners in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The young men had convinced him that his sandals needed a shine. "It occurred to me that they could have benefited from a GIS analysis of dress shoe versus sandal areas in the City. Perhaps then they might not have concentrated so much effort on the beach area," joked Brown.

George Brady at the Tararua Island Resort George Brady, land surveyor for the San Diego County Water Authority, braves temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in his Esri T-shirt. This photograph was taken at the Tavarua Island Surfing Resort on the southern edge of the Manamuca island chain in the Fiji islands.

Gustavo and Johanna Roman in Guatemala Gustavo Roman, GIS coordinator for the City of College Station, Texas, poses with his wife, Johanna, in Guatemala. The two are standing in his sister-in-law's backyard near the town of Villa Nueva, about 40 minutes from Guatemala City. Lake Amatitlan forms the body of water in the background.

Peter Eberle and friend in Brisbane, Australia Peter Eberle, a CAMA project manager for the Comptroller of the Treasury, State of Tennessee, was visiting friends just north of Brisbane, Australia, when he encountered a young kangaroo near a golf course in the Glasshouse Mountains.

Robert DuBey standing on Wheeler Peak in New Mexico Robert DuBey, a remote sensing and GIS professor at New Mexico Highlands University, stands on Wheeler Peak in northern New Mexico, the highest peak in the State. He would like to note that although New Mexico is often thought to be an entirely flat desert, this photo shows the montane biomes prevalent in north-central New Mexico.

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