Congratulations to the Winners of the Business Partner Challenge 2000

Esri held the Business Partner Challenge 2000 at the 20th Annual Esri User Conference. The Business Partner Challenge is designed to encourage development of applications by Business partners that solve real-world problems using newly released Esri software. Esri would like to congratulate our Business partners and their winning applications in the following categories:


Orion logoOrion Technology, Inc.
Orion Technology, Inc., is a GIS consultant offering services to organizations that want to take advantage of technological innovation in GIS, database management systems, and Web deployment technologies. Orion Technology's winning application, OnXpress, is a thin-client, component-based, extensible Web-GIS application using Esri's ArcIMS. OnXpress provides fast and powerful Internet mapping and GIS capabilities.

For more information on Orion Technology, Inc., please visit

Page Technology logoPage Technology, Inc.
Chatham County eMapper System
Page Technology's eMapper System is an Internet mapping development and hosting service. Page Technology's winning application, the Chatham County eMapper System, is a tax parcel information system developed using Esri's ArcIMS and ColdFusion.

For more information on Page Technology, Inc., please visit

ROK Technologies logoROK Technologies, Inc.
ColdFusion/Internet Sales Management System (ISMS)
ROK Technologies is a full-service Internet and GIS application development and implementation company specializing in Esri's software line. ROK Technologies' winning application, ColdFusion/Internet Sales Management System (ISMS), features detailed reporting options for geographic area and all sales categories and an interactive user-designed printing module with movable map layout components.

For more information on ROK Technologies, please visit

IC Consulting logoI.S. Consulting
Emergency Operations Center Online
I.S. Consulting is a full service software development firm and Esri consultant. I.S. Consulting's winning application, Emergency Operations Center Online, is a public Web site that displays the current status of shelters and roads during a disaster such as a hurricane in Florida. Evacuation and storm surge zones can also be viewed on the maps.

For more information on I.S. Consulting, please visit


Miner and Miner logoMiner & Miner, Consulting Engineers, Inc.
ArcFM Energy
Miner & Miner delivers value added AM/FM/GIS solutions and services to utilities throughout the world. Miner & Miner's winning application, ArcFM Energy, is an extension of ArcInfo 8 and has two essential components:(1) ArcFM Energy Enterprise Data-model—a gas or electric enterprise object model and (2) ArcFM Energy Tools—software extensions to ArcMap and ArcCatalog.

For more information on Miner & Miner, please visit

St. George Consulting Group logoSt. George Consulting Group
Atlas Creation System
St. George Consulting Group specializes in delivering enterprisewide information solutions that integrate GIS and Business data to support strategic information needs throughout the enterprise. St. George Consulting Group's winning application, the Atlas Creation System, allows users to produce atlas maps with a minimal amount of effort, saving time to allow users to focus on more complex tasks.

For more information on St. George Consulting Group, please visit


ROK Technologies LogoROK Technologies, Inc.
Store locator for HavaTampa Cigars
ROK Technologies is a full-service Internet and GIS application development and implementation company, specializing in Esri's software line. ROK Technologies' winning application, Store locator for HavaTampa Cigars, allows users to locate cigar stores within a designated number of miles from their home that sell HavaTampa Cigars.

For more information on ROK Technologies, please visit

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