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Online mapping is a powerful tool, and the number of interactive sites is growing. To keep you up-to-date, each issue of ArcNews discusses some of the latest Internet locations using Esri's software. If you would like to see your Web site featured in this column, please provide a description of your interactive mapping site and the URL to www.esri.com/imsregistry. Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at www.esri.com/imssites.

North Dakota Groundwater Pesticide Assessment
To identify areas with a high potential for groundwater contamination, pesticide applicators consult this site before applying pesticides. The maps were developed with an assessment system, which uses North Dakota Geological Survey information and U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service county soil surveys to help identify areas of potential contamination. The program implements Esri's ArcView Internet Map Server (IMS) and is a step-by-step procedure for determining groundwater sensitivity to pesticides. The first step determines if an aquifer with a usable supply of water exists, the second steps looks at pesticide use; and the third step determines the site properties that affect pesticide movement.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory
The National Wetlands Inventory project was established to generate information about the characteristics, extent, and status of wetlands and deepwater habitats in National Wetlands Inventory Status screen shot the United States. The Wetlands Interactive Mapper makes more than one million square miles of digital wetlands data viewable by anyone with access to the Internet. The goal of the Mapper is to provide information to the public about local wetlands and deepwater habitats. It helps users identify potential opportunities and problems, set goals, and make decisions about maintaining or improving the livability of their communities. The Wetlands Mapping tool enables users to zoom, pan, and identify spatial themes for any wetland area of interest. Users can produce customized maps, query related tabular data, display metadata, and download spatial themes through the Mapper. The system uses Esri's ARC Macro Language (AML) to process and generate the maps.

Prince William County, Virginia
The County Mapper is Prince William County's interactive GIS application that enables customers to view and query the County's GIS data. It was created to County Mapper screen shot provide citizens and County employees access to the geographic data and associated information that are maintained by the County government. The system can help answer a variety of questions about properties, Businesses, and services in the County and where they are located. Menu options enable users to zoom in, zoom out, and pan the map view. Another important function is the identify feature, which provides any information from the database about a feature. The system also contains many useful search and locate tools, which can locate a parcel by searching on its address or parcel number. You can also use these tools to locate a library, a police or fire station, a hospital, a park, a voting precinct, and other geographic features of interest. The County Mapper uses Esri's MapObjects Internet Map Server (IMS).

Interactive Resource and Tenure Maps of Queensland
This site implements Esri's ArcView Internet Map Server and was developed as part of an information strategy to make accessing geological and resource information about Queensland, Australia, easy and efficient. The interactive maps available provide spatial information about the geology of Queensland from the databases and systems of the Department of Mines and Energy, Queensland, Australia. Interactive maps currently being served to the Internet include Mineral Resources of Queensland, Queensland Petroleum Exploration Data, Geophysical Survey Outlines, Northwest Queensland detailed information, and Chillagoe-Palmer River and Herberton detailed information.

BC Fisheries, part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, leads the Canadian provincial government's efforts to build and sustain diverse and healthy native fish populations and to develop and diversify the fisheries and aquaculture sector. The FishWizard is a cooperative presentation of BC Fisheries and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Use the FishWizard to find the most recent information about British Columbia lakes and streams and the fish in them. Users define an area of interest, select a theme, and get a map (including a lake depth map) or report. The site is powered by Esri's MapObjects Internet Map Server. Information in this application has been collected from a number of sources over a considerable period of time. The maps have been simplified for use on the Web, resulting in the loss of some detail. Users are urged not to use the maps or associated data for navigation or purposes other than those specified.

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