New Version of ArcExplorer Now Available

Java-Based ArcExplorer 3

ArcExplorer 3, the all-new Java edition of Esri's popular GIS data viewer, is now available for free from

ArcExplorer is a lightweight data explorer for querying and browsing GIS data. ArcExplorer 3—Java Edition extends its utility by offering cross-platform support for both Windows and UNIX operating systems.

ArcExplorer 3 is also a client to ArcIMS 3, Esri's flagship software for GIS and mapping on the Internet.

ArcExplorer 3 screen shot
With ArcExplorer 3, users can query and browse GIS data on either a UNIX or Windows operating system.

"More than just a great data explorer, ArcExplorer 3 also provides users with an excellent ArcIMS client," says Bernie Szukalski, Esri ArcExplorer product manager. "It allows users the unique capability to integrate local data with data from an ArcIMS spatial server via the Internet."

The software has the added advantage of working with ArcSDE 8.0.2. Other features include the ability to label map features with highway shields, pan and zoom through multiple map layers, query spatial and attribute data, create a buffer around selected features, measure distances, locate an address, save and retrieve projects, and print maps. ArcExplorer 3 also offers legends and overview maps.

Because ArcExplorer is freely distributed, it makes an excellent choice for data publishing. Organizations distributing their geographic data can include ArcExplorer directly on their data CDs, providing users with an easy-to-use way to view and query data.

To download ArcExplorer 3—Java edition, visit A complete users manual is also available for download at the same location.

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