K-12 Education and Telecommunications Management

Two New Case Study Collections from Esri Press

GIS in Schools

GIS in Schools (Item Number 85177, ISBN 1-879102-85-4, 145 pages, $19.95), by Dr. Gail S. Ludwig andDr. Richard H. Audet, presents examples of the cover of GIS in Schoolsways classrooms and learning are being transformed in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country. GIS in Schools documents these changes in a series of case studies that show what can happen when students are confronted with an important issue and put in the driver's seat.

Using problem-based learning as a strategy, students and teachers discuss current events, history, issues of community health and welfare, and the natural world and choose a topic that has immediate relevance to their daily lives and a clear spatial component. After some basic introductory work with GIS software, students explore the ways in which they can use GIS technology to solve their specificproblem.

GIS in Schools includes a CD-ROM of educational resources, GIS software, GIS based learning activities, and the Esri video clip "Geography Matters."

GIS in Schools is written by Dr. Gail S. Ludwig, Department of Geography, University of Missouri, Columbia, and Dr. Richard H. Audet, Department of Education, Roger Williams University. Ludwig is the coauthor of Directions in Geography: A Guide for Teachers (National Geographic Society, 1991) and People in Time and Place: Comparing Regions (1991). Audet is a widely published expert on the challenges and benefits of introducing GIS into K-12 education.

GIS in Telecommunications Management       Coming Soon

GIS in Telecommunications Management (Item Number 85178, ISBN 1-879102-86-2, 125 pages, $19.95), by Lisa Godin, includes several case studies cover of GIS in Telecommunications Managementfrom Esri developer partners such as Telcordia and SignalSoft and user organizations such as BellSouth, T-Mobil, Telstra, and US West.

Fierce competition forces telecommunication companies to plan, build, and maintain their networks more efficiently while still providing both existing and potential customers with the best service possible. More and more of these companies are using GIS to succeed. GIS in Telecommunications Management shows how GIS allows telecommunication companies to integrate market analysis, network design/operations, network management, and mapping into the same environment. These companies can also use GIS marketing and customer care applications to improve the quality of information systems throughout their organizations by combining up-to-date coverage data with demographics, trouble tickets, call history, and revenues.

GIS in Telecommunications Management provides examples of how telecommunication companies all over the world continue to find new uses for GIS every day, from increasing customer safety by embedding GPS technology into their wireless phones, allowing 911 customers to receive the help they need even if they do not know where they are, to letting their customers view real-time traffic maps on the Internet.

These and other Esri Press titles are available at better bookstores, online at www.esri.com/esripress, or by calling 1-800-447-9778.

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