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From Kindergarten to the Taj Mahal, Esri T-Shirts Are Ubiquitous!

Ashok Wadwani Since he was wearing his Esri T-shirt, Ashok Wadwani, president of Applied Field Data Systems, Houston, Texas, swung by the Taj Mahal located in Agra, India, to get his picture taken. He was in the area presenting papers at the International Conference on Remote Sensing and GIS/GPS in Hyderabad and the MAPINDIA conference in New Delhi. He was also visiting India to assist the Geospatial Information Technology Association (GITA) based in Denver, to set up the India chapter.

Mrs. Allen's 2000-2001 kindergarten class at DeAnza Elementary School The children of Mrs. Allen's 2000-2001 kindergarten class at De Anza Elementary School in San Jacinto, California, are clearly geographically wiser due to them all wearing Geography Network T-shirts.

Leslie Jagger Leslie A. Jagger, GIS analyst, OAO Corporation, working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Mid-Continent Ecology Division, Duluth, Minnesota, was on her honeymoon at the "beautiful, yet unspoiled, friendly, and relaxed island nation of St. Lucia." She tells us, "Across Rodney Bay, over my right shoulder, is Pigeon Island National Historical Park, where St. Lucia's International Jazz Festival takes place each May." The fact that she would take her Esri T-shirt along on her honeymoon speaks volumes . . . .

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