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Esri Business Partners Assist Public Works and Community Development

Many public works and community development agencies use Esri GIS software to assist in their daily routines and to streamline Business practices. Using GIS, agencies have discovered how traditional tasks can be performed more efficiently, quickly, and easily. For these agencies, many Esri Business Partners offer custom solutions, specialized data, and unique services.

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VelocityHall, an ArcInfo developer, provides comprehensive e-government solutions that transform the interaction between government agencies and their citizens.'s solution offers an efficient permitting and activity tracking system for planning, building, public safety, and community development that integrates with the spatial data formats found in GIS systems. VelocityHall provides Internet connectivity, enabling agencies to offer the public cost-effective self-service access to permitting services and information online. The extensive customization tools available in the solution support a wide range of permits, licenses, and other activities that enable agencies to automate and streamline department functions.

For more information, please visit or call 559-627-1959.

Baker logoMichael Baker Jr., Inc.

GeoLink Mapping System
Michael Baker Jr., Inc., an ArcView GIS developer, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Baker Corporation, a top 50 U.S. engineering firm. Baker is a leading provider of geospatial information technology, specializing in infrastructure and facilities management utilizing GPS and GIS technology. Baker's GeoLink Mapping System is an integrated GPS/GIS mapping and data management software package that provides state-of-the-art field mapping and mobile computing solutions. Baker offers a full spectrum of GIS and GPS services including GIS analysis, GIS consulting, GIS mapping, surveying, remote sensing, data acquisition and conversion, and application development including Internet and Web-based implementations.

For more information, please visit or call 601-932-8895.

EVS logoC Tech Development Corporation

Environmental Visualization System PRO (EVS-PRO)
C Tech Development Corporation, an Esri reseller and developer, is devoted exclusively to the development of 3D visualization and analysis software and services. The Environmental Visualization System (EVS) unites interpolation, geostatistical analysis, and fully three-dimensional visualization tools into a software system developed to address mining and environmental contamination issues. It was developed to meet the needs of the geologist, archaeologist, environmental engineer, and environmental program manager as they relate to site assessment, site evaluation, geologic modeling, and communication. EVS is a stand-alone product that is tightly integrated with ArcView GIS.

For more information, please visit or call 800-669-4387.

what if product logoCommunity Analysis and Planning Systems, Inc.

What if?
Community Analysis and Planning Systems, Inc. (CAPS), a MapObjects developer, has created What if?, an easy-to-use, GIS-based system for exploring alternative development scenarios and projecting future land use patterns and associated population, housing, and employment trends. The model allows public officials and private citizens to examine the likely impacts of policies for controlling urban growth, preserving agricultural land, or expanding public infrastructure in easy-to-understand maps and tables. It can also be used with other software packages to look at the transportation and fiscal implications of alternative public policies.

For more information, please visit or call 330-650-9087.

Master Series logoGBA Master Series

The GBA Master Series Software
GBA Master Series, an ArcView developer and reseller, is dedicated to providing clients with products and services that enable them to better manage their public works infrastructure systems. The GBA Master Series software is designed for public officials seeking management solutions for public works infrastructure systems. The software is engineered to organize asset information, optimize maintenance activities, and prioritize needed improvements. By linking the GBA Master Series programs to digital mapping, the company is able to develop a graphical display of inspection and analysis data. Through the integration of GIS with the company's asset management databases, users can immediately access graphical information about their system's features.

For more information, please visit or call 800-492-2468.

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