Projection Utility and New and Updated Data Included

ArcView GIS 3.2 Now Shipping!

ArcView GIS 3.2 is now shipping. The latest release of the world's most popular desktop mapping software includes numerous new features and enhancements such as

  • Shapefile projection utility (Windows only)
  • New and updated Esri Data & Maps (total of five CDs)
  • General quality enhancements
  • Updated Database Access 2, including ODBC Database Access and SDE Database Access
  • Updated Report Writer extension--Seagate Crystal Reports Version 7.0
  • An enhanced CADReader extension to support AutoCAD 2000 (Release 15)
  • New data integration utilities--DXF Export, SDTS Data Import, and CADReader
  • New sample utilities and extensions--Digest (ASRP/USRP), MGRS Coordinate Display, S-57 Data Converter, and RPF Indexer

Projection Utility Included

The ArcView Projection Utility is a qizard-based tool.The ArcView Projection Utility, included with ArcView GIS 3.2, is a stand-alone wizard-based tool that lets users project shapefiles from geographic coordinates to projected coordinates or from one projection to another. It also performs datum transformations on shapefiles.

As GIS use has increased and more spatial data is shared between organizations, users need a way to incorporate data from many different projections into a common projection for display or storage in a database.

The ArcView Projection Utility appears as a program item in the ArcView GIS 3.2 program group and on the ArcView GIS GUI. This utility provides an accurate and easy method for projecting and reprojecting coordinate data and transforming datums. The wizard interface guides the user through the process of selecting the input shapefile to be projected, identifying the coordinate system for the source data, selecting predefined or custom projection parameters for the output data, and specifying name and location for the output shapefile. New shapefiles are created in the specified coordinate system; the source data is not altered. Several shapefiles in a common projection can be reprojected to another projection in one batch process.

New and Updated Data Included on Esri Data & Maps CDs

New and updated Esri Data and Maps CDs store data as shapefilesNew and updated Esri Data & Maps CDs are included with ArcView GIS 3.2. The data is stored as shapefiles and includes projection files. The projection files store the coordinate system information for the data set and can be used by the new Projection Utility in ArcView GIS 3.2.

All Esri Data & Maps data sets are accompanied with predefined legend files. ArcView GIS 3.2 will automatically open the legend files when the data set is added to a view, thus providing symbols and classifications for the theme. The legends can be modified at any time.

The following data is included on the five-CD set.

  • World--Countries of the world (general and detailed), rivers, lakes, world gazetteer points, cities, subnational boundaries, latitude/longitude grids, and demographic attributes. The World Wildlife Fund Conservation Science Program's World Ecological Regions and the WorldSat International, Inc., 4-km resolution color-shaded relief image. The shapefile data sets are in World Geodetic System of 1984 datum.
  • Europe--54 countries of Europe, subnational boundaries, cities, places, major rivers, major urban areas, railroads, rivers, roads, urban areas, and water constructed from ArcWorld and the Digital Chart of the World. The shapefile data sets are in World Geodetic System of 1984 datum.
  • Canada and Mexico--Provinces/States, highways, cities, lakes, rivers, and demographic attributes. The shapefile data sets are in North American Datum of 1927.
  • United States--States and counties (general and detailed), census tracts, census block groups, census block populations, five-digit ZIP Codes, area code boundaries, major roads, highways, cities, lakes, rivers, major water bodies, parks, urban areas, populated places (points and areas), congressional districts, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), Designated Market Areas (DMAs), Areas of Dominant Influence (ADIs), and a topographic relief image of North America. Demographic attributes for states, counties, cities, five-digit ZIP Codes, census tracts, block groups, MSAs, and county population estimates (table). 1999 population estimates by CACI for state, county, MSA, 5-digit ZIP Code, and census tracts. The National Transportation Atlas's railroads, interstates, major roads network, and U.S. highway routes; nine data sets from the Geographic Names Information System; and landmark data from Geographic Data Technology's Dynamap/2000 (airports, institutions, natural and man-made landmarks, parks, recreational areas, retail centers, and transportation terminals). The shapefile data sets are in North American Datum of 1983.


ArcView GIS 3.2 is now available on Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and UNIX. For more information, call Esri at 1-800-447-9778 or visit To purchase ArcView GIS 3.2, contact your local reseller, or call 1-800-447-9778, or call your Esri regional office, or (in the United States) visit Outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

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