Includes New and Enhanced Functions and Imagery Display

ArcView Image Analysis 1.1 Announced

ArcView Image Analysis 1.1 software will be shipping soon. This new release includes new analytic and modeling functions, new methods for enhancing imagery display, mosaicking functions, and improved performance.

ArcView Image Analysis 1.1 adds new capabilities for mosaicking imagery in a single-button operation"ArcView Image Analysis extends the GIS platform into the domain of imagery. It provides all the tools necessary to work with images in a GIS framework," says David Maguire, Esri director of product planning.

ArcView Image Analysis 1.1 will significantly expand the geographic imaging capabilities for ArcView GIS users by providing access to a broader range of data types and will emphasize the growing uses and applications of aerial photography, and it includes additional data enhancement options.

ArcView Image Analysis is intended primarily for ArcView GIS users who want to generate more information from imagery without having extensive knowledge of remote sensing and image processing.

The result of a close collaboration between ERDAS and Esri, the ArcView Image Analysis extension brings flexible and sophisticated geographic imaging to the desktop. ArcView Image Analysis provides a set of tools for incorporating both imagery and image-derived information from a wide range of sources into any ArcView GIS application or work flow. The ArcView Image Analysis extension complements the existing capabilities of ArcView GIS, ArcView Spatial Analyst, and the ERDAS IMAGINE suite of software, with data flow between these applications direct and transparent to the user.


ArcView Image Analysis will be available for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT soon. For more information on ArcView Image Analysis, call your local Esri reseller, Esri at 1-800-447-9778, or your Esri regional office. Outside the United States, contact your local ERDAS distributor, or visit or

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