GIS Bibliography--It's the Centerpiece of Esri Virtual Campus Library

Esri Virtual Campus Web siteThe Esri Virtual Campus is a worldwide GIS learning community where its members share ideas and expertise in a supported environment. Student benefits include membership in the Campus community, free Virtual Campus Edition software with the purchase of qualified courses, access to free course modules, and a personal virtual office. Various sections of the Campus contain easily accessible information and resources in the public domain to enhance the study of GIS. One such resource is an extensive Campus Library that contains the following amenities:

  • A searchable bibliography with nearly 7,000 GIS references, including journals, conference proceedings, reports, and trade magazines that are central to the GIS field
  • Full-text technical papers, reports, and proceedings from a variety of organizations, journals, and conferences--more than 160 megabytes of downloadable files
  • A multilanguage dictionary of GIS terms
  • GIS books and book reviews online
  • Archives of campus newsletters as well as live chat and community group transcripts
  • A reading room to accommodate a personal collection of library resources

As a free service to the GIS community, the GIS Bibliography is enriched by contributions from such well-recognized organizations as the Association of American Geographers (AAG), the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA), and the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA).

AAG is a scientific and educational society whose members share interests in the theory, methods, and practice of geography. AAG conducts educational and research projects that further its interests and programs.

The NCGIA is an independent research consortium whose primary mandate is to conduct basic research in geographic information science and its related technology. There are three educational institutions in the consortium: the University of California, Santa Barbara; State University of New York at Buffalo; and the University of Maine.

URISA is a nonprofit international association of information technology professionals with specific emphasis on applications in state and local government. URISA is also the premier organization for the use and integration of spatial information technology to improve the quality of life in urban and regional environments.

Additionally, Professor Duane F. Marble of the Department of Geography at Ohio State University has contributed the complete GIS Master Bibliography Project as the foundation for the Esri Virtual Campus GIS Bibliography. The main goal of the project is to create a comprehensive, annotated bibliography of GIS-related research and literature.

"The Esri Virtual Campus Library grew naturally out of the campus metaphor--we began to see the potential of collecting knowledge in one place to provide a pathway into the literature for the entire GIS community," says Shelly Sommer, Esri library services coordinator. "It's a valuable clearinghouse of GIS information and references."

"We'd like the library to be the first, best source people come to when they're researching GIS--and we want it to be complete and useful enough to stand up to that kind of test," adds Sommer.

Esri will continue growing its relationships with library contributors and cultivating new ones as part of its commitment to maintain the library as the largest and most complete GIS reference freely available to the GIS community.

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