Lantmäteriet Chooses ArcInfo 8

Esri has completed a strategic agreement with Lantmäteriet, the National Land Survey of Sweden, concerning the development of a next-generation software product for cadastral surveying.

Lantmäteriet has chosen ArcInfo 8, ArcSurvey, and ArcSDE as their GIS development platform for their next-generation land records software program AutoKa. This new solution will be a complete object-oriented solution for the capture, maintenance, data provision, map production, and management of cadastral survey and geographic information. This solution will support long transactions in a true multiuser environment. AutoKa is now being used in Sweden as the national standard and has also been adopted by many other countries to build and maintain cadastral and land information. Rickard Zetterberg, left, president of Esri Sweden, and Joakim Ollen, director general of Lantmateriet, completing their strategic agreement
Rickard Zetterberg, left, president of Esri Sweden, and Joakim Ollen, director general of Lantmäteriet, completing their strategic agreement.

"Lantmäteriet is well known for its strong knowledge and experience in the geographic information area," says Joakim Ollén, director general of Lantmäteriet. "It is therefore natural for us to begin a strategic relationship with the world's leading GIS software company."

Lennart Sjögren, head of development, and Nils Blohm, project manager, agree that they have chosen Esri as their partner because it is "a company with the greatest capability to develop our software, AutoKa, to its full potential and thus fulfill our users' demands."

Jack Dangermond, president of Esri, who was personally involved with this project, comments, "Lantmäteriet has been an Esri user for more than 15 years, but not in the cadastral area. We have always felt their organization was one of the leaders in the world with regard to understanding and automating cadastral information. Their decision to work with us was after a long and careful evaluation of software programs (including reviewing AutoKa itself). We are very proud to have this opportunity to work with them and build a new partnership of cooperation in Sweden and abroad."

In this cooperation, Esri in the United States and Esri Sweden will provide the project with professional design support, development support, and training, as well as the base software to build the program upon. The core development team comes from Lantmäteriet headquarters in Gävle, Sweden.

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