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Online mapping is a powerful tool, and the number of interactive mapping sites is growing. To keep you up to date, each issue of ArcNews discusses some of the latest Web sites using Esri's software. If you would like to see your Web site featured in this column, please provide a description of your interactive mapping site and the URL to our Web site ( Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at

An ArcIMS solution, AnchorageLive is a free service developed by Resource Data, Inc., that enables users to access public information about parcel data in the Anchorage, Alaska, area. Map layers include streets and highways, rivers, lakes, and other landscape features.

Developed by eGovEdge, MapSimple integrates data from public agencies in the Kern County, California, region including the City of Bakersfield. The interactive mapping tool enables users in the community to find information about child care, schools, and elections. MapSimple is powered by Esri's ArcIMS.

The Atlas of South Australia
Developed by Planning SA with Esri's ArcView Internet Map Server (IMS), the Atlas of South Australia is sponsored by the South Australian government to provide a common access point to maps and geographic information about South Australia in an interactive atlas format. Users can take a journey across the South Australian landscape, identify Business or development opportunities, or locate services.

Hillsborough County Property Appraiser
Hillsborough County in Florida has launched a Web site powered by MapObjects Internet Map Server (IMS). The Property Appraiser's Internet site integrates assessment and cadastral data. The Parcel Query System helps users locate owners, addresses, parcel identification numbers, and property folios.

My Obninsk
This Web site is in Russian and was created by the Russian company O-GIS. provides users with interactive maps and resources about Businesses, land use, and cadastral data throughout the City of Obninsk. The site also contains a telephone directory of the City's administrative and urban services.

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