ArcIMS Viewers

ArcIMS supports HTML and Java client viewers that greatly optimize the performance of many operations. ArcIMS has three viewers that ship inside the box: the HTML Viewer, the Java Custom Viewer, and the Java Standard Viewer. With the ArcIMS architecture new, more powerful clients process "smart data" on the client machine to instantly perform many tasks without having to interact with the server.

The ArcIMS viewers offer tools for viewing and querying spatial and attribute data, performing spatial analysis tasks such as selecting and buffering features, and sharing ideas about data with others using such tools as Edit Notes and Map Notes.

Using the ArcIMS viewers, you can

  • Pan and zoom the map extent.
  • Query spatial and attribute data.
  • Create a buffer around features.
  • Measure distances on your map.
  • Add Map Notes, such as text, graphics, or images, to your map and submit the Map Notes to an ArcIMS site for review.
  • Make Edit Notes to map spatial and attribute data and submit the edits to an ArcIMS site for review.
  • Locate an address.

The ArcIMS viewers also feature legends, overview maps, saving and retrieving projects, and map printing.

ArcIMS HTML Viewer screen shotHTML Viewer

The Overview Map button and Legend/Layer List button are unique to the HTML Viewer. Toggle between the layer list (as seen in this example) or a legend that shows the symbology for each layer.

Java Custom Viewer

The Java Custom Viewer allows users to serve images and feature MapServices. The legend shows an image MapService named World. The image MapService has three sublayers: country, cities, and rivers. In this example, the cities sublayer is active (the active layer appears raised in the legend). Feature streaming serves information to a client browser in a specially optimized compressed format—resulting in true client/server processing capabilities.

Java Standard Viewer screen shotThe Java Standard Viewer

The Viewer Elements button is unique to the Java Standard Viewer. It allows users to control the display of the Overview Map, Legend, and Scale Bar and the setting of the Scale Bar Properties.

ArcIMS Viewer Comparison Chart

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