ArcPad Is Now Available

Esri is pleased to announce the availability of ArcPad. ArcPad enhances mobile touch-screen computers with intuitive mapping, GIS, ArcPad makes field data collection fast and easyand GPS functionality. ArcPad makes field data collection fast and easy, improves data accuracy, and provides immediate data availability and validation. ArcPad is designed to be a stand-alone program or a field-based extension to your desktop or enterprise system.

ArcPad leverages existing mapping and GIS software systems and databases. ArcPad supports a multilayer environment that includes industry-standard shapefiles and raster images. Data obtained in the field can easily be uploaded into the master database in the office. You simply create custom input forms from your existing GIS database for use in ArcPad out in the field.

ArcPad also offers integration with an optional GPS or DGPS (supports NMEA and TSIP protocols). This capability enhances GPS technology by allowing you to view, edit, and add features to your actual position in the context of a detailed map.

You will soon discover that ArcPad is easy to use and is truly a GIS and mapping system everyone can use. Try ArcPad today to discover how it can simplify your data collection needs. Potential applications range from property damage assessment to habitat studies, street sign inventory, road pavement management, power pole maintenance, and meter reading.

ArcPad runs on Windows CE 2.11, 95/98, NT, and 2000 platforms. Supported Windows CE devices include Aero from Compaq, Cassiopeia from Casio, and Jornada from HP. The ArcPad Software Development Kit, scheduled for release in summer 2000, will give developers the ability to build custom field mapping solutions using powerful ArcPad components.

ArcPad currently supports Trimble GPS receivers within the United States. Outside the United States, ArcPad is GPS-enabled for all GPS receivers using an NMEA format.

For more information, to download a FREE evaluation copy, or to order ArcPad, visit, contact your local Esri regional office, or call 1-800-447-9778. Outside the United States, please contact your local distributor.

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