Internet Mapping on the Rise in Schools, Businesses, and Government

Online mapping is a powerful tool, and the number of interactive mapping sites is growing. To keep you up-to-date, each issue of ArcNews discusses some of the latest Internet locations using Esri's software. If you would like to see your Web site featured in this column, please provide a description of your interactive mapping site and the URL to Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at

Find an Agent—Kemper Insurance Companies

This Web site helps Businesses and individuals locate Kemper Insurance agents. Users can find the agent or broker nearest them by filling in their address and searching the site. Or, if they already know the name of an agency, they can click on the "find location" button to receive the address and contact information of a specific broker or agent. Esri's RouteMAP Internet Map Server will create a route from the user's address to the agent's address. The results are displayed in text and maps.

Harvard Map Collection

The Massachusetts Electronic Atlas provides a multitude of data layers with information specific to Massachusetts. Users can create and query maps with data about crimes, construction permits, types of Businesses, environmental topics and regulations, health, demographics, tourism and recreation, and utility companies. This Web site is powered with Esri's ArcView Internet Map Server.

InfoRain—Bioregional Information System for the North American Rainforest Coast

The InfoRain site seeks to create a network of accessible and useful information at multiple scales. It provides an abundance of geographic information for the coastal temperate rain forest of North America that stretches from San Francisco in California to Kodiak Island in Alaska. This effort is designed to help organizations, individuals, and Businesses acquire and use information relevant to their local watersheds and places, and to understand the bioregional context of these places. This site is continually evolving, and users are invited to submit information via an update form. The maps at InfoRain are served using both Esri's ArcView Internet Map Server and MapObjects Internet Map Server.


LiveMap is a MapObjects Internet Map Server tool developed by Robert Bein, William Frost & Associates (RBF), an Esri Business partner and full-service consulting firm offering engineering, planning, surveying, and related professional services to both private and public sector clients. Site users can access, edit, and query GIS data about various RBF projects including an Esri poster application that provides parcel information from the Irvine Company. Another application enables users to monitor the progress of a pavement rehabilitation project in Santa Barbara, California. LiveMap will help to improve communications between RBF and its clients.

Oakland Unified School District Map Center

Students as well as teachers are encouraged to visit this user-friendly site to explore and discover geographic relationships throughout Oakland, California. The interactive maps provide data on the locations and boundaries of all the schools in the Oakland Unified School District. The basemap of Oakland includes streets, hospitals, fire stations, landmarks, parks, and rivers and streams. Users can stack 1994 aerial photos of the City over the basemap. Contour maps, land use maps, and population stacks are also available. Esri's MapObjects Internet Map Server runs the Map Center.

Women and Heart Disease: An Atlas of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mortality

Using Esri's MapObjects Internet Map Server, this atlas was developed by the Office for Social Environment and Health Research at West Virginia University and the Cardiovascular Health Branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It provides critical data on geographic, racial, and ethnic inequalities in women's heart disease death rates for the five major racial and ethnic groups. It also includes more than 200 national and state maps of heart disease mortality. Government agencies and their partners at the local, state, and national levels can use this information to tailor heart-healthy programs and policies to the communities of women with the greatest burden of heart disease. Interactive state maps provide county-by-county information.

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