NIMA Awards Thailand Major Mapping and Automation Project to Esri

On December 21, 1999, NIMA awarded a new map and data production task order to Esri for production of Qty. (362) 1:50,000-scale Topographic Line Maps (TLMs) and Esri Services logoQty. (11) 1-degree by 1-degree Foundation Feature Data (FFD) cells all within the nation of Thailand. The initial term of the award is for one year with three option-years contingent upon the successful delivery of high-quality data by Esri.

For more than a year, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) has been working closely with the Royal Thai Survey Department (RTSD) under a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) agreement between the two organizations. This agreement established the requirement for maps and digital data to be produced by contractors who provide production services to NIMA.

Since December 30, 1998, Esri has been qualified as a NIMA production organization under a NIMA contract known as "Omnibus." Through the Omnibus contract vehicle, NIMA has awarded this new effort for Thailand production to Esri.

The current 1:50,000 map series over Thailand requires updating with the latest information. The Thai government has recognized that an extremely important asset for modern-day life is a nationwide standard, consistent, accurate map base and spatial database. To meet these requirements, RTSD has partnered with NIMA to take advantage of U.S. digital mapping and GIS technology.

In turn, Esri has partnered with several subcontractors in this effort. Especially important is the technology transfer and training program that will enable Esri (Thailand) Co. Ltd. in Bangkok to conduct most of the TLM cartographic work using ArcInfo and the Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) software.

Esri's PLTS technology transfer program will also extend to 10 other U.S. based subcontractors in nine states; seven of which are small Businesses. Image preprocessing and orthophoto creation will be performed by Raytheon (Garland, TX). Feature extraction will be conducted by Analytical Surveys Inc. (ASI), Geonex, Geographic Resource Technology (formerly Azimuth), Nova Blue, Scribing Services, Aerial Information Systems (AIS), and Geocode. Map and digital data finishing will be accomplished by ASI, Geonex, Pine Design, and Spatial Data Integrations (SDI), along with Esri (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

For more information, contact Duane Niemeyer, Esri (tel.: 909-793-2853, ext. 1-1464; e-mail:

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