Industry Leaders Provide the Solution for Local Routing and Mileage Analysis

Rand McNally and Esri Aid Local Fleet Management

ArcLogistics Route MileMaker Edition product boxTwo prominent forces in the field of geographic information--Rand McNally and Esri--have combined efforts to produce a new local fleet management application--ArcLogistics Route: MileMaker Edition. Available exclusively from Rand McNally, ArcLogistics Route: MileMaker Edition provides a solution to the complex vehicle routing and scheduling problems fundamental to regional and less-than-truckload (LTL) operations, with the added benefit of a built-in interface to MileMaker, the industry-standard routing and mileage software.

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ArcLogistics Route: MileMaker Edition determines which vehicle should serve each customer location so time window violations are reduced or eliminated, total travel time by the fleet is minimized, and vehicles do not exceed their volume/weight capacity. Its use of actual drive times versus straight-line distances makes this a highly accurate and effective alternative to any competitive offering. Users can generate a variety of reports and maps and also connect to popular databases and applications such as SAP R/3.

Street data and report generating are included in ArcLogistics Route: MileMaker Edition"We are working with Esri because they not only have the best scheduling solution but also one that is easy and, equally important, affordable," says Andy Crnkovich, director of marketing, Rand McNally--Transportation Data Management. "Many top scheduling vendors require expensive software licenses and consulting contracts that force the price of implementation well into six figures."

"Rand McNally is a leader in providing technology and services to the transportation industry," says Jack Dangermond, president, Esri. "By integrating MileMaker with the advanced local routing and scheduling capabilities of ArcLogistics Route, we can offer a complete, value-added solution for street-level fleet operations for a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions and with no special training requirements."

Build routes based on actual network drive time and shift your priority between customer service and cost"ArcLogistics Route: MileMaker Edition should be used by any company that wants to dramatically improve how it plans for daily deliveries and service calls in metropolitan areas. Any fleet, even ones running only five vehicles, can gain a quick payback on the investment in this software," says Don Weigel, ArcLogistics product manager, Esri. "Hundreds of beta sites have demonstrated that ArcLogistics Route can squeeze out that extra service call each day or reduce the cost of each delivery. These daily improvements can add up to tens of thousands of dollars a year."

ArcLogistics Route: MileMaker Edition is available for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems. For more information or to order ArcLogistics Route: MileMaker Edition, please call Rand McNally (tel.: 1-800-234-4069, Web:

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