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New, Exciting Internet Mapping Sites

This regular ARC News column features some of the growing number of World Wide Web sites using Esri software. For inclusion in this column, please E-mail a description of your interactive mapping Web site and the URL to arcnews-editor@esri.com. Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at www.esri.comhttp://www.esri.com/apps/showcase.

The Wyoming Internet Map Server
The Wyoming Internet Map Server (WIMS) provides users with spatial data and related economic and natural resource information about Wyoming. Driven by ArcView Internet Map Server, the site provides researchers, managers, and educators, as well as the public, with accessible information to help them make informed decisions. Users can create interactive maps of any part of Wyoming and query the map for data. The categories of available data include geology, hydrology, botany, zoology, imagery, and socioeconomics. The WIMS is linked to the Spatial Data and Visualization Center (SDVC) Natural Resources Data Clearinghouse (www.sdvc.uwyo.edu). The clearinghouse is an official node of the national spatial data infrastructure, and visitors can download spatial data sets and browse and query the data documentation.

Ashe County, North Carolina, Parcel Lookup System
This system gives citizens easy and efficient access to parcel information as well as interactive maps showing parcel locations, roads, structures, and digital aerial imagery. Users can search by owner's name, parcel number, deed and plat book page, tax map, or street address. Designed by Anderson and Associates, Inc., the Web site is powered by ArcView Internet Map Server.

Botanical Online Information System Salzburg
This botanical database located at the Department of Botany in the University of Salzburg includes biological distribution data on higher plants, mosses, lichens, and fungi in the province of Salzburg, Austria. Attributes such as taxonomic classification, location, time, and environmental patterns are stored within each sample point. Online users making requests to the floristic database can generate distribution maps, short descriptions, and photographs of selected plant species. Biogis Consulting designed the Oracle database system and developed the software, BioMapper-Extension, for ArcView GIS. The map server, powered by MapObjects Internet Map Server, fetches the distribution data from the database and dynamically creates a shapefile of the distribution points that is added to the map. Users get up-to-date information about species distribution in Salzburg.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Data stored on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection geographic information system is available through a new Web page designed to introduce the public to the many uses of GIS. Visitors to the site will find GIS resources, information, and data to help them understand and work effectively with the technology. Two interactive mapping applications are currently online. Both use ArcView Internet Map Server with MapCafé. The watershed characterization application displays mapped information about the Rancocas and the Upper Passaic, Whippany, and Rockaway watershed management areas. The second application provides the locations of regulated facilities in each New Jersey county.

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