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The GLOBE Program home pageAcross the country and around the world, students are tuning into the Internet, the planet, and their future. The GLOBE program--Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment--helps integrate these three. Esri is helping students and teachers at GLOBE schools enhance their work.

GLOBE teachers receive focused training on the collection and reporting of scientific data according to strict protocols. Back at school, they guide students through these same activities. They gather information on conditions of the atmosphere, soil, water, and biota. The data is reported across the Internet and added to a growing archive that is available to all to study.

It has been a challenge for many teachers and students to move beyond data collection and reporting to the analysis stage. Esri is making this easier for GLOBE schools by providing a copy of the GIS for Schools and Libraries CD, Version 5 to all GLOBE schools. The CD contains ArcVoyager Special Edition GIS software for Windows or Macintosh. ArcVoyager Special Edition software contains the ArcView Data Publisher engine plus Esri's school application, ArcVoyager. This provides students and teachers some preconstructed views of the world, the United States, and Canada, with 50 MB of preinstalled data. Users can also add unlimited volumes of geographic and tabular data, and the CD contains an additional 250 MB of data. Because ArcVoyager Special Edition software can be freely distributed, students can install the software on their home computers for additional experience and exploration.

ArcVoyager Special Edition displays U.S. basemap dataThe online GLOBE archive allows scientists, teachers, and students to download data for any of the GLOBE data sets for any period of time since the program began in 1994. With ArcVoyager Special Edition, the downloaded data can be displayed, manipulated, queried, and analyzed in countless ways, and integrated with other data sets. Of special relevance in the United States would be the addition of local data, such as streets and demographic information from the U.S. Census Bureau's TIGER 1995 data (available from Esri's ArcData Online), or watershed data from the U.S. EPA's BASINS program.

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