Esri Press Publishes Three New Titles

GIS for Everyone book coverGIS for Everyone
GIS for Everyone: Exploring Your Neighborhood and Your World with a Geographic Information System (ISBN 1-879102-49-8, $14.95), by David E. Davis, shows newcomers to GIS how geography affects everyday human activity and how a geographic information system can help resolve many common geographic issues such as buying a home.

The book provides everything readers need to explore the huge amount of new geographic information being made available every day and includes illustrated exercises, data sources, and an associated Web site. With the GIS software that comes with this book, readers can create maps for party invitations and school reports, monitor local environmental hazards, figure out where a Business's best customers live, track local crime patterns, plan a walk-a-thon route, and choose the best vacation spot for a family.

Extending ArcView GIS book coverExtending ArcView GIS
Extending ArcView GIS (ISBN 1-879102-46-3, $49.95), by Tim Ormsby and Jonell Alvi, is the definitive guide to ArcView GIS extensions, the add-on products that give ArcView GIS software additional muscle and flexibility. Extensions--there are now dozens--integrate seamlessly with the core software and can be loaded and unloaded as needed. Descriptions of all of them can be found in this new hands-on workbook.

While many extensions are simple utilities that help users shortcut repetitive tasks, three of the extensions--ArcView Spatial Analyst, ArcView Network Analyst, and ArcView 3D Analyst--are full-scale software that increase ArcView GIS software's power in geometric fashion. A sequel to Getting to Know ArcView GIS, the book includes evaluation copies of all three, as well as exercises and data on CD-ROM, and comprehensive instructions on making full use of them.

The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume I book coverThe Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume I

The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume I: Geographic Patterns and Relationships (ISBN 1-879102-06-4, $39.95), by Andy Mitchell, unleashes the full analytic power of a GIS. Written both for GIS veterans and for newcomers, the guide presents the analysis concepts and methods needed to put a GIS to work.

A "must have" for every GIS practitioner, this book introduces the world of GIS analysis by showing readers how to map and analyze geographic patterns and relationships. It brings together the most common methods for answering such frequently asked geographic questions as where is the most and least, what is nearby, and what has changed.

Drawing on examples from a wide range of applications, The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis shows how to structure an analysis, choose the best method, and communicate the results effectively. Offering tips and guidelines, the book discusses mapping categories and quantities, data classification schemes, summarizing data by geographic area, using geographic networks and surfaces, and many other essential topics.

To order these and other Esri Press titles, visit on the Web or call Esri at 1-800-447-9778. The Esri Press collection of GIS titles is also available at many bookstores.

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